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SSO and Outlook Office 365 Prompt for Username and Password.

Published on February 05, 2018

Office 365

Recently I enabled online archiving for a client on Office 365. Exchange was on Prem but they wanted to rollout Online Archive for some pilot users.

After creating the Hybrid Exchange environment successfully, we started testing out a few users for online archiving. We had office 365 and ADFS set up for single sign on. All of te preequistes were done to create the bybird.

Something strange happened when we activated the Online Archive for some users. They were prompted to enter their username and password when the archive came online. They would enter it but upon an outlook restart, the prompt would come back again.

SSO and Outlook Office 365 Propmpt for User Name and Password.

To get around this issue I had the users select “remember my password” and this seem to have resolved the issue. The problem I was trying to figure out was how to prevent the popup to come up in the first place. The client had 5000 users!

I had also turned on Moden Authentication by modifying the registry, but the prompt would always come back!

Anyways i had a talk with Microsoft Support and they advised me that this was the normal behaviour. That user would have to log in once and then select remember my password.

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