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We are IT & Web Development Company in Canada & USA since 2012. We have served more than 3000+ clients all over the world. We offer web content, CMS development, e-commerce website designing services and devlopment, web server configuration and client-side/server-side scripting.

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Are you a small business that needs to get started? Do you want your business to outshine in the world of digital marketing? Welcome to Code Maximus as we are one of the most leading web developer in Canada & USA. With multiple projects under our belt at one time, we can assure you that your business will be in safe hands.

Headquartered in Ontario & NY, we serve our clients from all over Canada & USA. Code Maximus is a full-service technology, and digital marketing solutions provider that aims at making small and big businesses exploit their online presence to the fullest.

Having a solid ten years’ worth of experience in the field of digital marketing and web development, we have made a prominent mark in the digital world.

Our digital marketing agency in Canada & USA has received the utmost appreciation and positive feedback from our customers repeatedly, which makes our clients come back to us long after we have finished working for them. There is a level of confidence and trust that our clients have in us, which makes the work plan run smoothly, thereby avoiding any misunderstandings.

For this reason, our team of experts gets together to create what must be the best form of digital marketing that your brand requires. We want to make your experience an unforgettable one, and we assure you that we take every step needed to achieve such heights for your digital marketing strategies.

All business is basically about customers and marketing and making money and capitalism and winning and promoting it and having something someone.

We have a set team of professionals that overlooks your assignments according to your preferences. The digital marketing experts at Code Maximus excel in SEO friendly work that caters to an audience from every field.

How Do We Help With SEO Content?

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves a process in which we improve the results in organic (non-paid) reach of our content in search engines. For this reason, we come up with a website for you that adheres to SEO guidelines closely tends to gather a greater audience.

SEO started back in the 90s when search engines came up for the first time. However, now it is an essential marketing tool.

Excelling in SEO and learning more about it is not very easy. You have to put in hard work that includes your analytical skills. Along with that, we use a burst of creativity as well to get you started with SEO. If we put it simply, SEO is all about running the right online platform for the right audience.

SEO does not only require us to come up with a creative structure or a technical background. Moreover, your website needs to have top-notch and well-optimized content.

We add content that is customized to match the needs of your audience. The content is also good enough so that other authentic websites can link your content in their articles.

If we give a person 15 minutes to absorb the content handed to them, 66% of them would prefer to look at something that has been designed well as compared to something simple and plain. Thus, we pay special attention to the website design of our clients as it plays an important part in building your online appearance. To have a better website design in Canada, we will discuss the services we offer while taking care of your web design.

Web Design Services We Offer

As we look into redesigning your web design, we take care of a few things.

  1. Setting Up A First Impression

Once your audience visits your website, it forms the first impression of your startup. From the web design, it takes seconds for them to judge your business. These first few seconds are important to make a positive influence on your audience. As web developers in Canada, make sure your web design looks attractive and also updates. The web design we come up with draws visitors towards the website. Web design is an important aspect for us as it creates an impact on how your customers perceive your business. We use the right colour themes and layout to attract more customers so your business can flourish.

  1. Building Trust

The first thing we have to develop for your audience is trust. Nobody trusts websites that have a poor design. If your website has outdated or fake information, then nobody will trust your website, either. Therefore, one of the primary things we start with is a good website that is regulated with facts and has a good design. We power your website with authentic information so that it can look as professional as possible.

  1. Focusing On Your Competitors

Your competitors are also using various digital marketing agencies, but what makes our work stand out? We come up with a better strategy that encompasses all the key factors needed for a website to flourish.

PPC or pay-per-click is another example of marketing online. In PPC campaigns, you pay a certain amount to the search engine every time someone clicks on your ad. Since the search engine displays your ad, therefore, you have to pay them.

We consider it a way to buy visitors and traffic for your website. It is different from earning or redirecting visitors to your site.

Advertising on a search engine is one of the most popular ways in which PPCworks. It lets advertisers pay for placing an ad on the search engine. The link is sponsored. Thus, whenever someone searches a relevant keyword, the ad pops up.

Every time someone lands on your advertisement, it sends a visitor to your website. As a visitor goes to your website, you have to pay a small fee to the search engine. It might feel that it is not a good idea to pay for every click.

How Do We Manage Your PPC Campaigns

Once our digital marketing agency in Canada & USA has created your new PPC campaigns, we start managing them. Managing the PPC campaign lets us make them more effective. We also make regular checks on these campaigns as these checks tend to be one of the most important determinants for growth.

We continuously check the performance of your accounts and make the following adjustments to optimize the PPC campaigns:

  • Using PPC Keywords
  • Using Negative Keywords
  • Splitting Your Ad Groups
  • Reviewing PPC Keywords that cost more
  • Upgrading Landing Pages

One of the most impactful tools we use for digital marketing is social media marketing. It helps us in bringing you closer to your customers. The power of social media is brilliant because it allows interacting with the brand directly.

We manage to make you speak to your customers by using social media platforms such as Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. Having great social media marketing and management skills can give your business great success. It also makes your brand much more popular.

  • Now that you know the basics of social media marketing,let’s take a look at what we do on every platform to make your content shine.

Choosing The Best Social Media Platforms For Marketing For You

As a digital marketing agency in Canada & USA, first has to pick the right platform to suit your marketing skills. For that, we will be talking about each social media platform and how it can benefit your business venture.

Social Media Marketing on Facebook

To begin social media marketing on Facebook, we first have to create a business page. Facebook has a casual and user-friendly environment. Thus, to help your business grow, we need our social media management team to be super active while managing your page.

The most important aspect to consider while indulging in social media marketing on Facebook is to focus on visuals. We want to make the visual experience excellent for your customer who depends on the layout. Therefore, we pay close attention to the design of your page.

Since we already mentioned that Facebook is a casual platform, so we keep the tone of our marketing skills on Facebook light and easy. We offer to create a fun video with the best graphics or anything that is attractive yet informative to attract customers for you on Facebook.

We build websites that build your business.

Code Maximus is one of the best web developer in Canada & USA. We build businesses rather than building websites.. Websites are the most potent business tools in today’s world, and together we can make your business grow exponentially. Website Development play an important role to grow in virtual world. Build lasting brand relationships online and generate sales!

Our processes and IT services build trust. In today’s world, the online community is ever-changing and growing, and so are threats in the cybersecurity world. All our services come with security and exemplary design.

Our Exclusive Services

Website Development

We create websites that respond to the user’s devices. The website will look the same on desktop, phone, or tablet.


We’ll help you get your website optimized for SEO and help it rank higher in Google.

Mobile App Development

We have an entire team of mobile application developers that are expertise in developing for IOS and Android

Logo Design

We can help you design your logo according to your branding and requirements. A nice logo that will go together perfectly with your website and business.

Digital Marketing

Help promote your business through all the Social Media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. We create your postings and post them up on schedule and get you new followers.

E-commerce Website Design

We are E-commerce experts and we can help you create your very own online business. This could include Shopify, Woo Commerce and Magento

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Code Maximus is on a Mission to help Small & Medium Size business to have an online presence and become visible to potential customers. We help small and Medium size Businesses, wit their website, web applications, & mobile applications.
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