10 Best Real Estate Website Design Examples 2024

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In today’s digital age, most people search for a new home online. This means a robust real estate website design is no longer optional; it’s essential for success. Think of your website as your 24/7 salesperson, constantly working to attract potential buyers and renters while showcasing your properties in the best light. This guide will explain why a website is such a powerful marketing tool and give you the key ingredients to create a user-friendly site that turns visitors into clients. By the end, you’ll be equipped to build a website that works as hard as you do!

With that in mind, let’s discuss the top 10 real estate website design concepts that will improve user experience and increase interaction.


Real Estate Statistics.

  • Millions of homes sold annually: Existing home sales topped 5.64 million in 2020, with new construction sales exceeding 822,000.
  • Thriving real estate industry: Over 3 million active real estate licensees operate nationwide, supported by over 106,500 brokerage firms.

  • Widespread commercial buildings: A 2018 survey estimates nearly 6 million commercial buildings in the U.S.

  • Dominant residential ownership: Nearly 120 million occupied housing units highlight a robust residential market.

  • Homeownership trends: The typical homeowner keeps their residence for eight years, with an average size of 1,900 square feet and an average age of 45.

  • Ownership preference: In 2019, over 64.9% of families owned their primary residence.

Real Estate Website: A Must-Have
  • 81% of realtors have website listings, highlighting its growing importance.

  • Zillow dominates web traffic with 57 million monthly visitors.

  • Top real estate websites (Zillow, Realtor, Trulia) primarily generate revenue by selling leads to agents.

  • Redfin (8.3M visitors) offers a different approach, working directly with clients as a full-service brokerage. (source)

10 Powerful Benefits of Having a Perfect Real Estate Website Design.

Benefits of Having a Real Estate Website: Enhanced Visibility
Enhanced Visibility

In the current digital world, the majority of property searches start online. Many potential renters or buyers can view your properties if your website is well-designed.

Lead Generation

 A real estate website design is among the best resources for producing leads. By using effective marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media promotion, you may create high-quality leads and convert them into consumers.

Benefits of Having a Real Estate Website: Lead Generation
Benefits of Having a Real Estate Website: Building Branding
Building Branding

A well-designed website with a consistent brand is more likely to be trusted and believed in by potential customers. It helps you to draw attention to your expertise, experience, and USPs, which improves how the market views your company.

Showcasing Properties

Your website serves as a virtual showroom for your properties, allowing potential tenants or buyers to peruse listings, look through photos, and get additional information about each one from the comfort of your own home

Benefits of Having a Real Estate Website: Showcasing Properties
Benefits of Having a Real Estate Website: Competitive Advantage
Competitive Advantage

In a congested market, having a well-marketed website may provide you an advantage over competing real estate firms. Giving customers a remarkable online experience will let you stand out from the competition and bring in additional revenue.

Targeted Marketing

You may gather valuable information about your website’s visitors by using tools like analytics and user monitoring. Then, you can modify your marketing techniques accordingly. This enables you to target certain client preferences, geographic locations, or demographics with more success.

Benefits of Having a Real Estate Website: Targeted Marketing
Benefits of Having a Real Estate Website: Cost-Effective Marketing
Cost-Effective Marketing

Compared to traditional marketing methods like print ads or billboards, digital marketing through your website is often more affordable and yields a higher return on investment (ROI). It’s a great investment for your business because you can reach a larger audience at a much cheaper price

Accessibility and Convenience

A well-designed website allows potential clients to view houses whenever it’s convenient for them, providing your services and properties with round-the-clock availability. This accessibility may lead to more inquiries and, eventually, more sales or rentals.

Benefits of Having a Real Estate Website: Accessibility and Convenience
Benefits of Having a Real Estate Website: Relationship Building
Relationship Building

Through your real estate website design, you can communicate with potential clients and progressively establish partnerships. It is possible to develop long-lasting connections with clients and nurture leads by providing timely communication, intelligent information, and customized experiences.

Adaptability and Innovation

Having a real estate website design helps you to remain flexible and adjust to evolving customer and market trends. You can keep ahead of the competition and adjust to the changing demands of your audience by regularly updating your website with new features, content, and modern technology.

Benefits of Having a Real Estate Website: Adaptability and Innovation

Top 10 Amazing Real Estate Website Design Examples.

Here are some real estate website design examples for inspiration, as well as website design suggestions and trends to help you better your marketing.

1. Real Estate

Amazing Real Estate Website Design Examples: Real Estate

The best real estate website design shares one essential element. They allow consumers to search for a house by type, minimum, and maximum number of bedrooms. RealEstate.com.au, to be more valuable to its visitors, has included this function and others.

The image’s background was carefully chosen to symbolize the joy, friendship, and sharing of living with roommates.

2. Afford 2 Stage

Amazing Real Estate Website Design Examples: Afford2Stage

Afford2Stage greets visitors to their website with a pretty gray-and-white design that is evocative of chic wallpaper. A brief synopsis of the advantages of their services is presented alongside pictures from their home staging and renovation in a slideshow gallery at the top of the website. 

They also offer a separate page with before and after pictures of their work to assist prospective clients in picturing themselves working with them. 

Furthermore, the website offers a FAQ section to address inquiries from prospective customers.

3. Next Door Alliance

Amazing Real Estate Website Design Examples: Next Door Alliance

Next Door Alliance is a modern, urban-feelin real estate and property management organization. 

The brand’s blue color scheme conveys dependability and trust in addition to complementing the enormous image of skyscrapers on their homepage. 

Users can reach them with ease by clicking the Request a Quote button located throughout the website or by title directly to the form at the bottom of the homepage.

4. Belville

Amazing Real Estate Website Design Examples: Belville

Belville is unique because of its background being darker. The striking image of the expansive London skyline that takes up the entire homepage of Belville’s real estate agent website immediately grabs the attention of visitors. The Enter CTA is positioned beneath the straightforward header, and significantly larger letters have been utilized for it.

Positive feedback is given center stage thanks to the conspicuous presentation of the testimonial collection straight on the homepage. The homepage’s navigation bar appears clear and user-friendly, consisting of just three sections: home, about us, and testimonials.

5. REX Real Estate

Amazing Real Estate Website Design Examples: REX Real Estate

User experience was a major consideration in the website design process for REX Real Estate. The hero banner image features a brightly lit family home with a smiling woman contentedly seated on the couch. The white color palette and clean design complement each other well. Potential customers may clearly see the minimalist style from this.

They have decided to use the words “home,” “about us,” “properties,” “blog,” “contact us,” and “book a free appraisal” in their headline. You may also see the free assessment form by quickly moving the cursor over it. Visitors can view the most recent real estate listings for sale by scrolling down. All of these elements are accessible with the thumb on the mobile edition of the website. Visitors can interact with their website very easily because of this feature.

6. Home Light

Amazing Real Estate Website Design Examples: Home Light

Home Light Florida has chosen to maintain as much simplicity as possible in its above-the-fold material, in contrast to its predecessor. The background against which all material has been put is actually the hero banner, which features an animated Florida neighborhood. The content of this page is minimalistic, consisting simply of a heading, a subheading, and a field asking visitors to select if they need assistance with purchasing, selling, or both.

The SELL button at the top of the website incorporates their primary product, HomeLight Home Estimates, which allows users to obtain an estimated sale price for their home in two minutes and exposes it to pre-approved cash buyers.

7. My Agent Finder

Amazing Real Estate Website Design Examples: My Agent Finder

MyAgentFinder located the CTAs for “I’m selling” and “I’m buying” in the middle of the homepage in order to fulfill its primary goal of acquiring leads. The icons go to a new page. You can select the perfect price range, the kind of property you are looking for, and the anticipated time frame on this window.

The webpage features a unique design with no top buttons, a professional banner graphic, and strategically placed social media links in the footer for user convenience.

8. Brookfield Residential

Amazing Real Estate Website Design Examples: Brookfield Residential

When trying to buy a home, you’ll most likely be looking for blue skies, grassy fields, or open-deck homes. Brookfield Residential shows this when you visit their website, building desire and making you ready for information about homes. As a result, they’ve placed the Where We Built button and hamburger menu in the top-right area of their website.

As soon as visitors arrive at the homepage, they will see a search box to find a home depending on their present location. Aside from the simple search option, they’ve included all of their blogs’ useful content, as well as additional relevant links like Explore Promotions, Schedule a Tour, and Tell Me More, to ensure a seamless client experience.

Amazing Real Estate Website Design Examples: Tommy’s Real Estate

Tommy’s website features a drop-down menu for selecting office locations when searching for houses, focusing on the distance from the workplace, and a selection of family-friendly background images to enhance user experience.

The website strategically placed a search bar with multiple filter options, including city, suburb, property type, price, and number of bedrooms and baths, allowing visitors to access a wider range of search criteria.

10. HAR

Amazing Real Estate Website Design Examples: HAR

HAR‘s website prioritizes aesthetics and offers search options for houses by drive time, school locations, price, and number of bedrooms and baths, showcasing their exquisite taste.

The More Filters button enhances user experience by providing a comprehensive search criteria, including architecture style, property size, garages, and amenities like media room, spa, and private pool.


Most 8 Things need to be considered while Designing a Real Estate Website.

In today’s competitive real estate market, a well-designed real estate website design is essential for taking in and keeping potential customers.

considered while Designing a Real Estate Website. : Clean and Intuitive Layout
Clean and Intuitive Layout

A real estate website design needs to be simple and easy to navigate. Users should be able to locate the information they need, whether it be agent profiles, property listings, or contact details. Choose a simple design with lots of white space to create a visually appealing interface.

High-quality imagery and Videos

Images are vital in the real estate sector. Include videos and high-resolution pictures to present properties in the best possible light. Use virtual tours and drone footage to give potential customers immersive experiences.

considered while Designing a Real Estate Website: High-quality imagery and Videos
considered while Designing a Real Estate Website: Mobile Optimization
Mobile Optimization

Optimizing your real estate website for mobile responsiveness is essential because more and more people are accessing the Internet from mobile devices. Ensure that your website works properly across all types of screens and devices to give users on the go a consistent experience.

Interactive Maps

Incorporating interactive maps into your real estate website design will enable users to see your properties’ locations and nearby amenities. Visitors to your website can also explore nearby communities, restaurants, schools, and other attractions.

considered while Designing a Real Estate Website: Interactive Maps
considered while Designing a Real Estate Website: Real-Time Property Updates
Real-Time Property Updates

Use real-time property updates to keep your listings updated. Implement a content management system (CMS) that makes it simple for agents to add, amend, and remove listings as they are sold or become available.

Lead Capture Forms

To gather visitor data and produce leads, strategically place lead capture forms on your real estate website design. To attract sign-ups, provide helpful content (e-books, market reports, or property guides) in exchange for contact information.

considered while Designing a Real Estate Website: Lead Capture Forms.
considered while Designing a Real Estate Website: Agent Testimonials and Profiles
Agent Testimonials and Profiles

Highlight the skills and experience of your team of agents with in-depth profiles. Establish trust and reliability with prospective clients, including client recommendations and tests.

Personalized User Experience

Customize the user interface to each person’s tastes and routines. Include tools like property notifications, personalized suggestions, and stored searches to boost user engagement and retention.

considered while Designing a Real Estate Website: Personalized User Experience


Win more clients with a website that works as hard as you do! This guide showed you why a website is a must-have and gave you ten easy design ideas to create a user-friendly site that showcases your properties and captures leads. From mobile-friendly layouts to stunning visuals, follow these tips to build a website that turns visitors into clients.

Remember, a great website is your 24/7 salesperson, so make it shine!



Ans: Squarespace offers real estate agents a simple, responsive website builder, allowing easy integration with social media, traffic monitoring, and free logo creation.

Ans: Property listing websites are popular real estate platforms used by professionals to advertise their listings and connect with potential buyers or renters, providing detailed property information.

Ans: Wix is the top choice for real estate website design builders due to its user-friendly templates, SEO tools, and superior features.

Ans: The doctrine of “highest and best use” dictates that the market value of real property should be determined based on its highest potential use, regardless of its current usage.

Ans: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter are popular social media platforms for real estate agents, offering unique features and unique experiences.

Do search engine optimization (SEO) friendly: Help your target audience find you online. Choose top SEO agencies that will help you increase visibility, such as Gorilaad SEO Agency and Codemaximus.


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