Best 10 E-commerce SEO Services agencies in USA and Canada

Top 10 E-commerce SEO Services agencies in USA and Canada

In the competitive world of e-commerce, getting noticed online is crucial. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the top 10 E-commerce SEO Services agencies in the USA and Canada. These experts are known for boosting online stores and driving more traffic, making them essential partners for online success.


The Global E-commerce Boom: A Rapid Ascent (2021–2027)

The Global E-Commerce Boom A Rapid Ascent (2021–2027)

E-commerce is on an unstoppable rise, with 2024 projected to see worldwide sales reach an impressive $6.3 trillion—a 9.4% annual increase, marking the second-highest growth rate in the 2021–2027 forecast period.

This surge is set to continue, with forecasts predicting a climb to $7.5 trillion in 2026 and surpassing $8 trillion by 2027, firmly establishing e-commerce as a dominant force in global retail.

Over 2021–2027, annual global e-commerce sales are expected to skyrocket by $3 billion, reflecting a remarkable 61.1% overall increase and an impressive average annual growth rate of 8.3%. Businesses worldwide are poised to capitalize on this lucrative e-commerce landscape, offering many opportunities in the coming years. (Source)


5 Compelling Reasons Why SEO is Vital for Your E-commerce Website

In the world of e-commerce, SEO is a game-changer. Here are five essential reasons why it’s a must for your success.

Enhanced Visibility and Traffic

E-commerce SEO Services boosts your website’s visibility on search engines, leading to increased organic traffic and broader reach.

Improved User Experience

SEO practices focus on creating a user-friendly website, resulting in a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience for visitors.

Targeted Audience Reach

By optimizing for specific keywords, SEO helps attract users actively searching for your products or services, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Builds Credibility and Trust

High-ranking websites are perceived as more trustworthy. SEO establishes your e-commerce brand as an authoritative source, fostering trust among potential customers.

Optimized Product Pages for Conversions

SEO ensures product pages are not only discoverable but also designed to convert, with compelling descriptions and clear calls to action.

Incorporating SEO into your e-commerce strategy is essential for maximizing online visibility, attracting targeted traffic, and ultimately driving conversions.


Why Hire an E-commerce SEO Services Agency?

Why Hire an Ecommerce SEO Services Agency

Managing e-commerce SEO in-house can be a challenge.  Here’s why partnering with an agency is a smart move:

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Offload SEO tasks and free up your team to focus on core business activities.

Compared to hiring an in-house specialist, agencies offer efficient execution and potentially lower overall costs.

Agencies leverage specialized tools to optimize your website, track progress, and analyze competitor strategies.

As your business expands, your SEO needs evolve. Agencies adapt their strategies to ensure continued success.

Invest in an agency and watch your e-commerce business flourish!

5 Essential Steps to Choose the Right E-commerce SEO Services Agency

Find success by following these 5 key steps to select the perfect e-commerce SEO services agency for your business.

Characterize Clear Goals

Start by clearly characterizing your marketing objectives. Knowing your goals will guide you in choosing an agency with the expertise and experience to meet your specific needs.

Evaluate Industry Experience

Explore for offices with a demonstrated track record in your industry.. Assess their experience through case studies and client testimonials, ensuring they understand the nuances of your business.

Check Client References

Request and thoroughly check client references. Insights from previous clients can provide valuable perspectives on the agency’s reliability, performance, and overall satisfaction.

Assess Communication Practices

Prioritize agencies with transparent communication practices. Ensure they provide regular updates, and clear reporting, and are responsive to your queries, fostering a collaborative and informed partnership.

Consider Long-Term Compatibility

Beyond immediate needs, consider the long-term. Choose an agency interested in building a lasting partnership, adapting to your evolving business requirements, and contributing to sustained success.

By following these steps, you’ll not only streamline your agency selection process but also pave the way for a fruitful and enduring collaboration.

Explore  Elite:  Top 10 E-commerce SEO service providers in the US and Canada. Get to know the best marketing agencies in our community to enhance your marketing efforts.

CodeMaximus– Elevate Your Online Presence
  • Web design and development 
  • E-commerce development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Pay Per Click
  • Web Development
  • Graphic design

Meet Code Maximus – Your Growth Partner in Canada. More than web development, they craft business success. Boost your brand online, drive sales, and stay secure with their top-notch services. In a changing digital landscape, trust Code Maximus for growth and cybersecurity.

WorshipBD-Powering Your Ecommerce SEO
  • Web design and development 
  • E-commerce development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • Graphic design
  • Logo design
  • Social media marketing

WorshipBD: This digital agency provides web design and development services, including e-commerce solutions and e-commerce SEO services. They can help you build a user-friendly and SEO-optimized online store, along with implementing strategies to increase your organic traffic in the competitive North American market.

Gorila Ad- Boosting Sales with Expert SEO
  • E-commerce SEO 
  • Branding Consultant
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO & Content Marketing
  • Paid Advertising 
  • Website Design & Development
  • Analytics & Reporting

E-commerce businesses seeking a strategic SEO partner to elevate their online presence should consider Gorila Ad. This results-oriented agency offers a comprehensive suite of data-driven e-commerce SEO services, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and link-building strategies. Their expertise can empower your online store to achieve significant organic traffic growth and establish a dominant position within search engine results pages.

SmartSites-Proven Results for Success
  • E-commerce Website Design
  • Shopify Design
  • Custom Development
  • Site Maintenance
  • Google Ads
  • E-commerce SEO Services
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy

Struggling with e-commerce SEO? SmartSites (USA) can be your secret weapon.  This #1 rated agency (1000+ happy clients) uses data-driven strategies to skyrocket your organic traffic.  Their expertise ensures you dominate search results and leave the competition in the dust. 

Intero Digital (USA) Innovative Ecommerce SEO Tactics
  • E-commerce SEO Services
  • Amazon Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital PR
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Design & Development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Award-winning & data-driven, Intero Digital leverages technology to boost your E-commerce SEO Services, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. Their comprehensive marketing solutions help you conquer every stage of the sales funnel, from attracting customers to closing the deal.

BlueHat Marketing-Personalized Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Organic SEO
  • Website Development
  • Services Website
  • eCommerce Website

Canadian Ecom Experts: BlueHat Marketing specializes in SEO and web design, helping your online store flourish. Their expertise optimizes your website for search engines and social media, driving qualified traffic and boosting your brand visibility within the vast Canadian market. Partner with BlueHat Marketing to unlock your e-commerce potential. 

Let's Get Optimized-Enhancing Store Visibility
  • WordPress Website Development
  • E-commerce Website Development
  • All SEO Services
  • Link Building And Local Citations
  • Keyword Research & Analysis

Let’s Get Optimized (Canada). This results-driven agency boasts over a decade of experience in Canadian digital marketing. They partner with small and medium businesses to deliver exceptional organic and local SEO, boosting website visibility and driving profits.

Forte Agency LLC (USA)-Ecom Growth Partner
  • Keyword Research & Strategy
  • Link Building
  • Shopify SEO
  • Website Building/Maintenence
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

They combine the expertise of seasoned veterans (2-20+ years) with fresh talent in content creation and design, ensuring cutting-edge strategies. Led by Jessica Fontana-Eddowes (25+ years of experience), Forte offers a holistic approach, from SEO to video production. Their strength lies in catering to your specific needs with a blend of experience and a broad spectrum of services.

154i (USA)-Excellence Across Industries
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Advertising
  • Meta Advertising
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Ecommerce Seo

Fresh on the scene (2023), 154i (USA) can be your ecommerce growth partner. They prioritize staying ahead of digital marketing trends and crafting sustainable strategies for long-term success.  Beyond marketing, they dive deep to understand your business and target audience, acting as growth catalysts to exceed expectations.


Rough Works-Your Growth Partner

Rough Works-Your Growth Partner
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Website Design
  • Creative Design
  • Branding
  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Development

Rough Works specializes in building user-focused e-commerce stores alongside custom web designs for various industries. They cater to both small businesses and larger enterprises, offering scalable rates.  Their experience spans diverse sectors, including manufacturing, real estate, and startups, making them a versatile partner for your online growth.

In conclusion,

Choosing the right E-commerce SEO agency is vital for success. Notably, CodeMaximus, a leader in our top 10 list, emphasizes a strong online presence amid the global e-commerce boom. Its focus on cybersecurity and enduring brand relationships sets it apart. With compelling reasons to integrate SEO and the strategic move of hiring an agency, CodeMaximus proves invaluable. The five essential selection steps guide businesses effectively. Each agency, from SmartSites to Rough Works, offers diverse services, acting as growth catalysts in the competitive e-commerce landscape. This concise list is a valuable resource for USA and Canadian businesses navigating the dynamic e-commerce realm. 


This guide equips you with the ultimate weapon: SEO!  Unleash organic traffic, brand awareness, and sales by mastering search engine optimization. Explore top USA & Canada agencies, each offering unique expertise to perfectly match your online store’s needs. Follow our 5-step selection process to find your perfect SEO partner and watch your business transform into a dominant force, attracting customers and soaring to new heights!



E-commerce SEO services enhance visibility and traffic, ensuring your online store stands out on search engines, leading to increased organic traffic and broader reach.

An agency brings expertise and proven strategies for increased traffic and sales. It saves time, allowing your team to focus on core activities, and can be a cost-effective alternative to hiring an in-house specialist.

Define clear objectives, evaluate industry experience, check client references, assess communication practices, and consider long-term compatibility for a successful agency selection.

High-ranking websites are perceived as more trustworthy. SEO establishes your brand as an authoritative source, fostering trust among potential customers.

CodeMaximus, based in Canada, goes beyond web development, crafting business success. Their services include web design, e-commerce development, mobile app development, pay-per-click, and graphic design, making them a comprehensive growth partner.


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